Camping in Manitoba

Day breaks as the sun's rays create delicate blue and pink ribbons that spread over the horizon. A soft breeze blows across a vast prairie sea creating rolling waves of rich natural colour, a palette of golden wheat, lavender flax and yellow canola. On a clear day, the sky fills with more blue than you'll ever see, and at dusk a long saffron sunset of the deepest oranges and purples. A short drive from the Trans-Canada Highway, pincushion cacti dot steep dunes, and rugged gorges slice into an ancient escarpment. Moving north, patchwork fields of crops blend into rolling aspen parkland then transform into boreal forest that surrounds the ancient mantle of the Precambrian shield. Furthest north, trees thin and a liquid maze cuts through the tundra and merges into Hudson Bay.

Two-thirds of Canada's 500-plus species of birds come here, drawn by more than 100,000 lakes and countless rivers and marshes. Manitoba is a premier wildlife-watching destination with among the highest densities of moose, elk and black bear. We also have wolves, fox and beaver. Near Hudson Bay, a marine frontier showcases animals in white - polar bear, beluga whale, arctic fox, ptarmigan and more.

Come to Manitoba's diverse landscapes for your next great outdoor adventure. Take advantage of the wide range of campgrounds in Manitoba, and experience the province's spectacular landscape and abundant wildlife.