Camping in Nunavut

Nunavut is among the earth's rarest treasures, pristine, unequalled and off the beaten track. Whether a day excursion or a backpacking trek in the wilderness, a unique hike awaits. Glaciers, mountains, musk-ox, birds, polar bears, they can all be found in our Territorial and National Parks. These remote, accessible parks receive around 2,000 visitors a year. That's one reason why they remain unspoiled.

There is so much to do in this nature-lovers paradise. You can whale watch from land or sea as pods of belugas play in the rivers running into the bay. Spot polar bears as they prowl the shore waiting for winter ice to form. Visit caribou birthing grounds and huge bird sanctuaries. Everywhere you go the fishing is spectacular. You can hike for hundreds of kilometres along rivers unchanged since the ice age.

Private Campgrounds

  • There is currently no Private Association at this time. Check back soon.

Provincial Campgrounds

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